Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Wedding Trends-Vintage!

2013 Wedding Trends-Vintage

Vintage is still hot for 2013, but DIY is fading as brides are desiring a more true setting that brings them back to the era they desire. Check out 3 sites I found....

Huffington Post: Catering Trend of the year
Dinner plates at receptions is becoming more popular again at weddings. Providing dinner plates adds a  level of elegance and sophistication to your special day

Wedding Elation
The Vintage Theme began with the dress....but in 2013 people will really begin to see the beautiful vintage look throughout the entire wedding in d├ęcor.

Refinery 29- Deconstructed Elegance
DIY is fading out while the appreciation of the finer things. DIY is great, I did it for my wedding, but it takes more time and money (especially in gas) to find what you are looking for and you still sometimes end of settling for something that wasn't what you originally wanted.

From Dream Wedding Receptions

Southern Living

A Stunning Affair

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Good morning!

We have decided to reduce our prices to help brides afford the wedding the desire. We were already lower than other companies but I want this business to be a blessing to others! Let me know your budget and I'll work with you! Also, check us out at MY WEDDING PROFILE

Items Available for Rent:
China Dishes
China Dinner Plates 
10-75 Guests:$1.50
75+ Guests: $1

China Salad Plates 
10-50 Guests: $1.25
50+ Guests: $1
China Bowls $1.50
Tea Cups $2

China Dessert/Snack/Cupcake Stands
1 Layer Dessert Stand $15
3 Layer Dessert Stand $25
5 Layer Dessert Stand $45

Other Popular Items
Glassware  $7
Vases $7
Candle Holders $0.75
Small Serveware $2
Ivory Table Cloths (rectangle) $5
Plum Table Runners $4
3 Tier Candle Sticks $7
Tall Vintage Candle Stands $15


Friday, March 29, 2013


Getting married so soon? Let us help you gather those last minute necessities!

April Weddings: 40% off total rental
May Weddings: 35% off total rental

Contact us with your wedding date before we get booked up!


Thursday, March 14, 2013


Remember EVERYTHING we have to offer!

China Dishes
China Dinner Plates 
China Salad Plates 
China Bowls 
Tea Cups
China Dessert/Snack/Cupcake Stands
1 Layer Dessert Stand 
3 Layer Dessert Stand 
5 Layer Dessert Stand 
Candle Holders
Small Serveware 
Ivory Table Cloths (rectangle) 
Plum Table Runners 
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

20% of Weddings in March and April

Hi beautiful ladies,

We are offering a 20% discount for those brides with last minute needs who are getting married in March or April of 2013! Email us at to book your rental now!

A Vintage Reception Setting Photos

What a beautiful day it has been!! Check out these beautiful tables :) You can do the same as well for your special day!

Platters and China Sets!

Here are a couple of our platters and one of our china sets! Order them today!!

Platters - $13 each

Vintage China Set. Rent all of it for $50